Thursday, 30 August 2012

Winning MissM's Contest!

So MissM had a contest where you had to design a look of a cartoon character, and I won third place with my Strawberry Shortcake look which is far more than I expected ^-^ Thanks a lot, Missy!

Here's a little side by side thingy so you can compare my look to the modern Strawberry Shortcake and see what you think:

I won two wishies and an interview with MissM which was really fun to do, and that should be on her blog by the end of the week so check it out: It's probably my favourite MSP blog, little more humourous than the others and yet still very informative :)

Then yesterday I also reached level 14 which was great! I half expected the journey from 13 to 14 to be dreadful, because we're all a little superstitious at heart, and yet I think level 13 was the fastest yet! Thanks so much, guys! Your views and support on my Pixel Power movie played a huge part ^-^

Also, once again I'm displeased by the new contest -.- It's called Pet World and it's all poodle, kitten and various other dangerously-adorable-things themed:

Now, this contest is totally fine. It's got alright new clothes, (although the new hair looks a little ridiculous) it's fairly different from other contests, it's got some different things you could do with it.

Except that, if you've been around long enough to see my Beauty Parlour contest entry, you'll know that I made a movie about a pet parlour!

So it's going to be difficult to do something different this time...but I shall not fail. >:D

Errrmm I think that's all that's new...yeah...asdfghjkl...kkbaii :)

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

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