Friday, 7 September 2012

MSP Mag and Back to School!

So yesterday I was helping my brother log into MSP when I was intrigued by this new icon in the corner...

So when you click it, this comes up:

It's true, there is now an MSP magazine! FINALLY, something I can buy from MSP in a physical form! Other than the bill for my VIP, ehehe...hopefully this is the start of MSP merchandise! Soon there'll be books, toys, the lot! I've even checked on Amazon and found there's a Guide to MSP book which comes out on October 1st. MSP's hitting the high street!

Anyway, the magazine is really cool. It's mostly aimed at attracting more new people to MSP, but it still has lots of tips and information which I think many of you would find useful. It has a set of models and clothes so you can make your own MSP fashion show, a poster and fifty stickers.

Also, there's the real reason everyone's been buying the mag -.- you get a code to receive a cute pet and 1000 starcoins.

Everyone keeps asking people for the code, but there is no one code. Everyone gets a different code, and that code can only be used once, it says so when you type the code in. Okay?

The pet is so great, I love it. I named mine Roxella XD these are the four stages of it:

Awesome, right? May just be my new favourite pet :D I even got an outfit to match it with the Last Chance dress XD

So I think at the minute they're testing the mag to see what response they get, but complete the survey online at so they know it's amazing and will make the next copy!

Also there is a new contest. It's called 'Monster Academy', it kinda reminds me of Monster High, Bratzillas and the Cartoon Network Casper the Friendly Ghost show, but it's awesome!

I'd hoped for a Back to School themed contest, but this was better than I expected! I LOVE it! It's great for boys and girls, it's got some really cute new clothes, loads of awesome animations, and it's just overall AMAZING! Here's my fave new outfit:


So I'm gonna work on my entry for Monster Academy over the weekend, I hope you'll all enjoy it :)

I didn't end up entering the Pets World or whatever it was called contest, I just couldn't be bothered really lol. But for some reason my Splashmania entry now has almost six hundred views, which is amazing! You guys have been busy whilst I was at school!

So thanks very very very much, quick shoutout to my friend blue-cherry97. I will talk soon ^-^

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx


There are actually four stages to the MSP mag pet, not three like I originally thought. I have updated the image so it now shows all four stages ^-^