Monday, 27 August 2012

IMVU and weddings :)

Haaiii. Firstly, yes, gabrys123 and I broke up, cba to go into a detailed explanation cos' it's really not that interesting, but basically he cheated on me several times, he rarely talked to me, and he was always too young for me anyways. Not interested in a new relationship anytime soon, so do not appreciate things like this -.-

AAARGH do you know what I hate!? When people, guys in particular, act all arrogant and like they KNOW what you're gonna do. That just makes me not want to do what they think I'm gonna do, even more!


I got an IMVU account, add me please I have no friends lol ^-^ my name is shonarosee let me know if you have an account because I am so lonely :'( ahaha. But seriously.

To persuade you to make an account (actually I just felt like it lol) I took some pics of all the fun things I've been doing all on my lonesome ^-^ just like in real life I guess...sigh.

Climbing a tree. Skillz.

Daaaym gurl ;D

Just casually swinging, showing a lot of a cleavage lol

Riding a pegasus ;3 tha's right, a mother friggin pegasus! Bet you're well jel.

Nikki Minaj glaring at meh O.O

Here's another posey one. I was trying to get a nice profile pic ;)

Beside some freakishly tall dude O.o


You enjoying this massage? Enjoy it while you can...BECAUSE I SHALL RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS WHILST YOU SLEEP >:D mwa ha haaa

Dancing with people I don't know XD waheey

What the...? Some random girl on the swings hahaha

So that's all of them :) PLEASE ADD ME I can't find anybody I know >.< I know that ishacool and pandypolo at least once had accounts, but I can't find them, and I thought I found MissM's account (TopazWonders) but it turned out to be some other person who liked gothicy things, so I'm all on my lonesome :'( it gets boring being alone and socially awkward and therefore unable to make friends.

So that was an overload of about some more?? :)

Not of imvu, dw, I went to a friends wedding the other day, titanic lover. Unfortunately people kept getting in the way or whatever so I don't know if the wedding actually happened -.- 

Titanic lover went off upset...

Then she hid behind the wardrobe. You can just see her name in the corner. :|

And her husband felt the need to tell us all he'd cleaned his ears XD oh, and also he was getting married...again? How many people could he have married when his username clearly said he was JUST titanic's husband? Lol.

So yeah, ah well.

Oh, lastly, I reached a million fame :D It's sooo cool, nearly at level 14 so thanks so much you guys, I remember when I was back at only five hundred fame, seems like yesterday XD I also remember when I was level one, looking at the highscores and thinking 'wow, those people have no life' LOL but we already know I don't ;D

Oh, please leave a comment saying something and be sure to check one of the boxes saying your reaction to this post, I get some reactions but I need more :D kthxbaaiii

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx


Forgot to mention, if you read this on the 27th of August then it's not too late to vote for my movie in the Pixel Power contest!! :D Lol I don't normally go all over the top advertising my stuff on here, but I'm really proud of my movie this time, I've got a lot of votes already but I could do with more. 

I always looked at the contests as something unattainable and satisfied myself with all your lovely comments and support, but one of my friends won last time so now I'm like 'woah...I guess you CAN win!' So it would mean the world to me if I could get rewarded with something other than your great feedback :)

If you aren't a judge or jury or you've already voted, that's fine, I'd love to know what you think of it as usual, please check it out it's called 'Race to the Surface' on page 8. Thanks guys xx


  1. Haha :D Go out with me ! :3 Not being a lez or anything :) Nice blog btw ^^

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  3. lol thx ;) do u have msp or imvu?

  4. Msp, I used to have imvu, then my friend went on and had sexy time with a guy on my screen...So if anyone in my family saw me on imvu I'd get flooded with lessons :D & You have me added on msp :P

  5. I'm a secret stalker.....You'll never know who I am... ^_^

  6. Maybe :( ... Finee :/ It was quite obvious with my nickname -.- Not that artistic with Names :/ I'd have had Maania or MaaniaxD but those were took :(

  7. ehehe, I can also tell because I can see you were signed in on the xat chat box earlier >:D