Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chuck is not my ex!

Okay, so I made my first MSP music video, it's of Taylor Swift's new song "We are never ever getting back together" and I'm really proud of it so please watch it:

But in the video, chuck plays my ex. This has lead many people to believe that chuck and I used to date, and has even caused some people to try and get us back together XD

I can confirm though that chuck and I have NEVER dated, he's just a friend and probably not even that, more of an acquaintance, we've spoken to each other like literally five times.

I used him to play my ex in the movie because when I started making it I thought he'd need to use lots of animations, (turns out he only needed about five) and chuck, being the highest level guy I have added as a friend, is pretty much guaranteed to have any animation I would need, so I thought it would be easiest to use him.

Also, I wasn't going to use my actual current boyfriend because a) He didn't have the animations I already knew I would need and b) I don't really wanna make a video about me breaking up with a guy I'm still dating :/

Plus, if I did break up with someone, I definitely wouldn't make a whole video about it, I would try and keep our relationship quiet XD

So there you have it, we never dated and hardly know each other, happy now?

In other news, I finally reached level 13. Yaaay thanks guys :D

And also, my boyfriend is a tranny XD lol I have no idea why he has this stuff in his wardrobe:

Normally the new contest is my top story each Thursday, but not today because the chuck thing is really something I needed to get out the way, and also the new contest is kinda crap -.-

Well, the actual contest is okay, but the clothes are awful D: it's hard to make something decent out of that stuff, but I think I managed. Not my favourite look, but it will do.

So the new contest is called Splashmania, and it looks pretty cool. I'm glad there are some dolphin animations on here now, I love dolphins, and some more swimming animations, but still no actual swimming animations lol! I wanna SWIM not float...or splash around...whatevs.

So I think it's a pretty cool contest, got an idea on what to do, just kinda wish they'd added two backgrounds :/ ah well.

Oh, and also MSP changed again. The Moderator thing's gone, and the News page looks all different. Plus, when you click on yourself you go to your mini profile instead of your wardrobe now, which I think is fine I guess.

It's pretty clear they're trying to get rid of all the black bits they used to have, and replace it with sparkly backgrounds, which is fine, but I think it takes a little longer to load XD anyways.

Oh, and they added more stuff to the Diamonds shop. You can now pay to make your pets grow, exchange pets for a different one, and also buy this new Diamond profile which makes your mini profile all pink and sparkly.

At first I was like, 'hey, that's pretty cool, maybe next they can upgrade it so you can customize it and design it and stuff' and I know Lucky Lily and my boyfriend have bought it, but then I realised it's 15 diamonds for something that lasts just a WEEK.

What a rip off! 15 diamonds is a bit much even for something lasts forever, let alone a week! Hell nah, I am NOT paying that much!

So to improve, it should be way cheaper, and be either permanent or last like a year. There could be colour options which are permanent, but then you pay to get a different colour. Or something like that.

Anyways, that's all from me, byeeee :)

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

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