Saturday, 11 August 2012

Heyy everyone, so you may have guessed by the title that today I'm gonna tell you a little sumat about luuurve ;) jk cos' the new contest will tell you all you need to know! Oooh!

Yeah, you know you love that song XD of course I used the Glee version, I've been looking for an excuse to add Glee to my blog since I started it. IMMA GLEEK.

Anywaz, the new contest is called Lucky in Love, and tbh I think it's one of the best yet. Lots of great new animations, pretty clothes, etc.

Even a pink cadillac animation! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!

Then again, the new stuff is all pretty cool, but it's one of those contests that's just too open to interpretation and hard to find a story in for a movie. I got an idea in the end, but for example with things like Zombie Western there are sooo many different storylines you could use, but with this it's just too vague and hard to come up with an idea in the first place :/

So the new contest is cool, but not amazing. Check out my movie entry for Lucky in Love; 'Shattered Dreams' to enter the next draw for a gift :)

Also, before I finish, I'm taking care of my good friend lozza_x's account whilst she's on holiday, and I was replying to all the mail asking her for wishies as requested when I found this, and I had to share:

Ah, lozza, so blunt, and yet your words are so sharp XD Gotta love her. And gotta love this weirdo lol, seems pretty desperate for a son if he's gonna mistake the bootiful and clearly FEMALE lozza for a boy!

That's all from me, will talk soon. Biyeeee ^.^

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

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