Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ishacool's boyfriend!

BREAKING CELEBRITY NEWS Move over DiaVanille, your wedding will quickly be forgotten because ishacool is no longer single! She is now dating today's hottest guy on MSP, the only boy in the top ten, (and also the only level 20+ to accept my friend request XD)...chuck!!!

She hasn't added him on her main account though, instead she is added as his gf on her second account vintage, so it seems she's trying to keep it on the down low.

TBH I'm really not that interested in celebrity gossip, but ishacool is such a kind person the way I see it, and I've heard her last boyfriend put her through a lot of crap, so I just thought I'd report this because I'm really happy for her :) They'll deffo be the IT couple quickly, being the highest level girl and boy on the site. I just hope the power doesn't go to their heads and their relationship would go so public it breaks ;/

On ishacool's profile she is officially single, so watch that space everyone! ;D

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx


  1. Thumps up :p Nice blog bwt ;)

    -Guess Who?

  2. Thats A kwl Post xD Thanks for the first paragrph :D

    I like ur blog btw:)


  3. Wow thanks so much for commenting guys, glad you're happy with the post and like my blog, like I said happy for you guys ;)

  4. Hi There! I love how classy this blog look so I guess I'm back! It's ishacool bwt, Polo is away from home for a bit. Umm, yea I was ordered By Chuck to join his Xat chat and I just click on anything really. What's ur name on Msp? You sound nice, can you drop me a line on Msp?

    -Love, ishacool x

  5. Thanks again ;D Lol I like bossy guys too XD jk my MSP name is shonarose, I'll message you :)

  6. hey guys :) plz add me teddy 452
    and im so happy for ya isha!! (and chuck :D)