Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bored -.-

It's that time in the week when the excitement of the new contest has died down, everyone's bought all the clothes, made their contest entries, so there isn't really anything new to check out. So I'm bored DX

The Zombie Western Comp has got to be one of my fave's so far though. My brother loves it, he's in his element with this one, he loves this sort of thing. His status for the past week has been 'BLOOD GUTS GORE GIMME MORE MORE MORE' for some reason lol.

So do you like the Zombie Western Comp? There are loads of new animations with it, and some pretty sexy, saucy clothes, so I like it ;) ehehe. Not that I look at all attractive, but hey, there are some people out there who find dead people attractive. Oh wait, they're called necrophiliacs -.- (Google it, I had to, lol)

Anyways, I also think my entry for this contest is one of my best, lots of action, romance, and some pretty great music. I try to watch all the contest entries I'm in, and indeed all the movies I'm put in, but I'm finding it increasingly hard to. After I had to leave MSP for a few days to go camping, it seems there are millions! Aaaargh. Oh well, I'll watch some more asap.

Oh, little random, but I just wanted to show this. Can anyone explain to me what is going on here!? Lol.

For now, though, this is goodbye. I'll write again on Thursday with news of the next contest, hopefully it'll be a good one.

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

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