Thursday, 16 August 2012


The title above is not about puking, it's the sound that space guns make in video games. Why have I chosen this title, you ask?

PEW PEW PEW...oh, soz, doing it again.

Yes, the new contest is all video game themed, called Pixel Power! YAAAAY.

I went on the Dutch MSP early in the morning when they hadn't updated the UK one to see what the new contest was like, and I actually felt like screaming with joy when I saw the nyan cat dress and necklace! I. LOVE. NYAN CAT.

In fact...I am nyan cat.

I'm also a pink unicorn.

But anyhoo, the new contest looks pretty awesome. Maybe not so much if you're making a movie, because EVERYONE is gonna make a movie about some kids getting trapped inside a video game, duh, but still, it's pretty OSM.

My new outfit ^ :)

So yeah, I'll update this when I've worked out something original to do and have made my entry -.-

Also, you may have seen on my last blog that two very important people commented...only Isha and Chuck! :) Well it may have been Polo cos she and Isha share an account on here but yeah, and they approved the post and liked the blog which was great, so that made my day.

I was on Chuck's blog earlier when I saw his status said something about him making a post for Isha (they are publicly dating now btw, he is added as her boyfriend on her main account :]) and the post was pretty cute, lots of hearts and glitter, see it for yourself if you like:

But whilst I was there I heard lots of beeping noises and I realised it was coming from his xat chat box, which meant...dun dun duuun...there were actually people talking on it! Lol most people's xat boxes are dead usually. But I guess other people had seen his status and come to the blog like me, and there were actually like eight people online, which is a lot for a blog!

Then I saw that chuck was online, hooray, and yes it was definitely him cos' he had the star by his name showing he was the admin of the chatroom. And then someone calling themself Isha came online, and at first I was like 'hmm surely it's an impersonator, cus' I would've thought Isha would have something different as her profile picture' but chuck talked to her as if she was the real deal so I think it probably was. And then they said this, which was really nice of em, I know I would have forgotten my post by now if I were them but they didn't ^.^

Then Isha went offline and chuck decided he would play God and kick and ban people for no reason XD so I tried to stay hidden.

And then chuck showed us how to flip the bird, so we all tried it XD such a great influence.

So yup a great week. Leave me a comment telling me what you think of the new contest :) Biyeee!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx


My new movie is called Race to the Surface, please check it out :) Also, here is proof that I am Nyan Cat:

^^^my head two years ago loool

Yes, that's really me about two or three years ago. Hated my hair back then, ew. Oh well, now you know I'm nyan cat, ehehe.

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