Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lights, Camera...

What a rubbish title. You saw it coming, I know you did.

Because the new contest is Lights, Camera, Action!

It seems fine, I just guess I've been pretty unlucky with contests lately, because once again, like with the Pets World comp, I have already made a movie about this.

And you all voted for the best look on the Monster Academy contest, Look A won, but guess what? Despite the fact Monster Academy may well be my fave contest so far, I got unlucky again, because I sat up till 11pm and went to enter my look...then I realised I'd entered it for Lights, Camera, Action, and by then it was too late to enter my movie.

So yeah. Smart.

But oh well, I made an entry for Lights, Camera, Action so please watch it, it's called 'The Magic that Happens Behind the Camera', little long I know so I'll shorten it for my status'.

Also, my magazine pet is fully grown. I adore it, it's definitely my favourite pet ever, if only it could be a little more original and not the pet EVERYBODY is walking around with XD oh well, at least the magazine's doing well.

Speaking of which, those who bought the magazine or saw the video on MSP will know there is a contest to design an outfit, and the winner gets 10,000sc and their outfit made into real clothes. I'll try to enter this, and when I do I'll upload a pic here.

There's also a contest for everyone who buys the magazine and enters their code:

So basically, everyone who enters their code in will go in a draw, and three people will be picked to receive 100 diamonds. At first I thought it said 100sc and I was like 'Seriously, MSP!? I already thought you were cheap after you made us pay 15 diamonds just to make our profile pink for a week, but this is pushing it!' then I realised it was DIAMONDS and was look...


That's cool. XD

ANOTHER shoutout to my lovely sis (not in real life, just MSP) blue-cherry97, go add her she's super nice. That's the last shoutout I'm doing for ya, so you better be happy ;) and I will not accept requests to give shoutouts to anyone else, I choose what I post about, okay!? Okay.

Saving the best news till last, as many of you have noticed, I am now dating dalekdavin. Dav's a wonderful guy and I hope so happy and lucky to be in a relationship with him, so, love you lots like jelly tots Dav <3 ;3 (although I'm actually not a huge fan of jelly you like Milkyway's then, they're the best ;D)

Okie dokie, that's all. Au revoir!

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

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