Thursday, 13 December 2012

Concrete Jungle...Big City

Where dreams are made up!!

Yeah okay, no.

SO the new contest is here, looks purty kewl :D It's all like Christmas in the city, that sorta thing. I give that the shonarose stamp of approval! Not a bad idea MSP, pretty original...for once. :D

You can't see the Magic, so whoopsie MSP, graphical error there ;)

The new clothes are alright. They look perfect for the new theme and contest, but they're not very me tbh. So I made myself look bizzy as a spotty bumble bee instead ^.^ I love the new hairstyle, and I love the new hair they make now, it looks way more realistic :D

Ehehe, that gets the stamp of approval too ;) SOOOOOE CEWWWWT

But something they've added is cute?

In fact, it's a little...creepy.

Just look.

Yeah...we blink.


Moving along swiftly, what else is new...ah yes, I finally changed my undies! :D

Yay hygiene. It'll be dirty by tomorrow though...

ANYWAY TMI. So I really want to give back to you guys for being AWSUM and do something special for Christmas, so here it is...

You can't really read that, but it's my newest artbook so find it there.

Basically, every day till Christmas, one random commenter will be picked from ANY of my movies to receive a Christmassy gift! Each day a star will disappear to reveal the prize and the winner! SO, get commenting :D

Okie dokie, think that's all. Au revoir mes petits chéris xx

Love and kisses,

shonarose xx

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